Wenzhou nut manufacturers Analysis: March US steel fasteners import and export growth


Wenzhou nut manufacturers Analysis: March US steel fasteners import and export growth

      In March 2015, US steel fastener import and export both achieved substantial growth with an import value of USD and an increase of 54% qoq. The value of exports was USD, up 13% qoq.

March top five US fastener imports from Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany and Canada. Among them, the United States in March from China Taiwan and mainland China fastener imports showed a significant chain growth, respectively, up 74.86% and 66.66%.

      March top five US fastener exports to Mexico, Canada, mainland China, the United Kingdom and Germany. In the same month, the U.S. fastener exports to mainland China also showed a substantial increase, up 57.36% from the previous month.

      Qiangxin is a professional wire manufacturer. Qiangxin's customers are all affiliated fasteners factories of well-known OEMs in Europe and Japan. After becoming the fourth home of Samsung (5007), Shide (2066) and Youxin (8349) Successful transformation of steel companies to the automotive sector.

      Strong new auto group to benefit from the big investment plan launched this year, EPS challenge 3 yuan.

     In the second half of this year, the Taiwan plant will open a large-diameter equipment that will reinforce the orders of automotive, mechanical and steel fasteners and wire ties and work together with the new production capacity of Suzhou Plant. The total revenue of automotive products will exceed the overall revenue 60%, it can be said that the new is a very high purity automotive components stocks.

      Strong new products, including the extension and EP pipe, the downstream plant in Taiwan plant extension line fasteners plant to the highest demand for vehicles accounted for 55%, while the new plant in Suzhou strong application of car up to 72%. . At present, Samsung, Sauter, Everlasting and so on are already close to 100 yuan, or even up to 100 yuan high-priced stocks, and the PE ratio has come to 15 times or even 20 times the level of more powerful than the current only about 7 to 8 times; Samsung, Friends of the letter of the successful transformation, the stock price rise in the previous model, strong new shares in 20 to 22 yuan a year after finishing should have the opportunity to start the price increase trend.

    The first quarter of 2015 has passed, reviewing the development of fasteners in the past three months, according to Japan's Ministry of Finance statistics, in 2015 Japan's total imports of fasteners in the first quarter of 84,295 tons, down 8.1% The total amount of imports was 410 thousand yen, an increase of 3.4% over the same period of last year. Among them, the growth rate in February was relatively large. Japan fastener imports of the top three countries (or regions) are China, Taiwan, the United States.

In a word, Tokyo Metropolitan University's research team recently developed a simulation technique that can predict the vibration speed of a hammer with a bolt when it strikes a bolt / nut. The technology is expected to shorten the construction of multi-material buildings, contribute to the maintenance of civil construction management.

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The program for this simulation technique is to first enter the shape model, the spring constant, the Paassoid ratio, the surface roughness, the bolt axial force, and then calculate their values in C ++ and predict the number of vibrations (in Hertz). So you do not need to rely on rigidity and other data, as long as the appropriate number of shocks can predict the appropriate fastening force.

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