• Hex Flange Bolt

    Hex Flange Bolt

    Flange Bolt JISB 1189 ANSI/ ASME B IFI 538 DIN6921

  • Bolt


    High Tensile Flange Bolt Dacromet Coating with PPAP Level 3

  • Screw


    Press Screw Grade 8.8 Depth of carburisation 0.02-0.15mm Surface hardness max 400HV 0.3 Black Zi/Ni Plated

  • Nut


    Wheel Nut M20x1.5 M22X1.5 for Trucks

  • Auto Parts

    Auto Parts

    Automotive Fasteners with IATF16949 PPAP LEVEL 3 documents

  • Clip Nut U-nut

    Clip Nut U-nut

    Clip Nut or U-nut GEOMET Coating or Dacromet Coating

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