Heat Treatment And High Tensile (Strength) Fasteners Two Industry Standard Conditions


In order to promote structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the heat treatment industry and high-strength fasteners industry, the Ministry of Machinery has formulated the "Heat Treatment Industry Standard Conditions" and the "High-strength Fastener Industry Standard Conditions", which are now publicized. If opinions and suggestions are made, Please write comments during the public feedback to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Division.

Ministry of Industry May 6 news, in order to promote heat treatment industry and high-strength fasteners industry restructuring and transformation and upgrading, the Ministry of Industry formulated the "heat treatment industry standard conditions" and "high-strength fasteners industry standard conditions", is to be publicized.

According to the conditions of publicity, heat treatment industry standard conditions, the new or expansion of heat treatment processing enterprises should have a production capacity greater than (inclusive) 10 million yuan / year output value of production capacity.

All heat treatment specialized processing plant set up must be resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, to speed up the "development of advanced technology, limiting obsolete technology, eliminating backward technology" as a guide. Promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to ensure safe production and strengthen energy conservation. Promote the development of low-carbon technology projects, the development of high-tech value-added heat treatment enterprises.

High-strength fasteners industry standard conditions, the layout of the fastener business and site should be determined in line with national industrial policies and relevant laws and regulations, in line with the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities fastener industry and equipment manufacturing industry development planning.

New (expansion) construction of fasteners enterprises should be "approved by the construction project environmental impact assessment" and "occupational health and safety pre-assessment" and through the project environmental protection and occupational health and safety protection facilities "three simultaneous" acceptance.

High-strength fasteners industry standard conditions

Management system and product quality

(A) fastener enterprises should be in accordance with GB / T19001 a 2008 standard (for automotive products in accordance with ISO / TS16949, QS9000 or VDA6.1 standards) to establish and implement a quality management system certification, the system should also meet the GB / T 90.3 Request. Enterprises should be equipped with independent quality management and testing departments, with full-time quality testing staff, a sound quality management system.

(2) Fastener products mass-produced and supplied by enterprises must comply with the current valid national standards, industrial standards, international standards, foreign advanced standards or enterprise standards that have passed the filing. Built product inspection files and quality traceability system. Quality inspection standards and catalogs see Annexes I, II and III.

(C) product quality should be approved by the "Industrial Products Quality Control and Technology Evaluation Laboratory" by the accreditation (accreditation) and China Accreditation Board (CNAS) accredited third-party testing agencies issued inspection reports or within three years The above major customers to provide the use of the report. "" "" Unless "" Being "" "" GE GE Organism "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" KM " Customer use report should have a detailed discussion and evaluation of product quality status, accompanied by the above-mentioned third-party testing agency issued inspection reports or data over the same period. The applicable testing items and standards shall be submitted by the accepting agency, be separately announced upon approval by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and be changed as needed.

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