The rapid development of Socket Screw Allen Bolt Socket head cap screw DIN912 requires attention to several issues.



In the modern society, cars have entered every household and brought convenience to our travel. What is the composition of a car? It is well known that most of automobiles are made up of various hardware accessories. Just like we were building blocks together when we were young, we combined them one by one. Socket Screw Allen Bolt Socket head cap screw DIN912

Nowadays, there are two types of automobile fasteners that can be produced in China. The first is a large-scale apparatus and has a large-scale enterprise. Professionals are responsible for manufacturing; the second is the use of automotive standard fasteners. Product-based professional enterprise. With the large demand for automotive parts, the latter has developed rapidly in China. Due to the high value of such products, it has become the most competitive field. Among them, there are 25 joint ventures, with a total of about 75,000 professionals and about 15 billion yuan in assets.

The rapid development of automotive fasteners requires attention to several issues.

First, the development of automotive fasteners in China's automotive industry. Fastener companies like FAW and Dongfeng Motor rely mainly on OEMs. This has led to the development and production of fasteners relying entirely on OEMs' R&D capabilities and renewal; while there are some privately-owned auto fastener manufacturers that form a scale. China's entire automotive production supply chain is in the "periphery" zone. In the stage of R&D difficulties or even pauses, only constant accumulation of technology and experience will be used to open up the future development of the auto industry.

Secondly, automotive fastener companies have poor self-innovation R&D capabilities. Most of them are mimicking foreign products, lacking originality, and lacking a strong technological innovation system. R&D work focuses on the collaboration between the company itself and small companies. In the meantime, the results are difficult to be industrialized; the basic technology research of automotive fastener materials is now very weak, non-standard fasteners do not have special steel grades, production of small batches is difficult to achieve the expected economic scale, and material technology standards are not uniform. Lack of basic data and industry statistics.

Many people are asking whether all standard cars are universal.

In fact, there is no concept of automotive standard parts, only the concept of standard parts, and now in the domestic standard parts are generally: self-tapping screws, wood screws, bolts, studs, screws, nuts, washers, etc., all have a unified regulation and standard. In general, the parts used in automobiles are the same, and automobile manufacturers that can use general-purpose parts are generally used. This can reduce the production cost.

The importance of automotive fasteners: The automobile is composed of different parts and is of great significance in improving the safety of the car. Automotive fasteners include all kinds of spare parts for the vehicle, its various standard parts and non-standard fastening elements, self-tapping screws, bolts, studs, screws, nuts, wood screws, etc., composed of threaded fastening connections main body. In terms of the number of parts, the number of fasteners accounts for a greater proportion of the total number of automotive parts than other parts, which can reach about 55%. The assembly process of the whole vehicle is mainly the process of connecting various parts with fasteners; one of them Failure of fasteners to cause car crashes has also been heard. Therefore, the manufacture and use of fasteners is very important for automobiles, but in fact, the domestic automotive fastener industry has not received enough attention. This is a problem worthy of discussion.

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