American Hillman Group mergers and acquisitions of non-standard fasteners


The Hillman Companies, Inc. of the United States (NYSE-AMEX: HLM.PR) and The Hillman Group, Inc. ("Hillman" or "the Company") announced on November 8 that they have entered into agreements with Hargis Industries , LP (hereinafter referred to as "Hargis") to acquire all its assets and receive all claims, Hargis will continue to work in the name of ST Fastening Systems ("STFS"), a manufacturer and distributor of specialty fasteners Texas operation.


Hillman believes that STFS's special fastener core product and Hillman's fastener product program fit together. STFS products are mainly sold to the United States related to metal construction manufacturers, hardware dealers and construction product distributors. Hillman and STFS focus on customer needs and product innovation. STFS's headquarters will remain with Taylor in Texas and STFS will continue to maintain its distribution center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition, STFS will continue to be led by industry veteran Bruce Crouch.

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