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1, auto fastener procurement needs analysis
From 2011 to 2017, China's automobile production and sales growth slowed down. In 2017, China's automobile production and sales completed 29,015,400 units and 28,878,900 units respectively, up 3.195% and 3.04% over the previous year respectively.

Statistics show that China's automobile fastener product variety satisfaction rate has reached more than 60%, the domestic market satisfaction rate has been as high as 70%, the general low-end product production capacity has greatly exceeded the market demand. As a labor-intensive and raw material-intensive automobile fastener, China is also stepping up its efforts in technology research and development and equipment import.
However, compared with the level of advanced foreign fasteners, China's fastener technology slightly behind the key components of cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts, tire bolts due to material reasons, or to the main imported products, although this is also the domestic For synchronous research, but the current can not be mass-produced, unable to meet market demand. At present, China's auto fastener market mainly the following problems.

2, automotive fasteners development trends and prospects
The improvement of the competitiveness of China's auto fasteners benefits largely from the emergence of BYD, Great Wall and other auto companies. The development of automobile industry also puts forward higher requirements for fastener products. Prospectively, the future of automotive fasteners will show the following trends.
Chart 3: China's auto fastener market trend analysis
Development Trend of China Automotive Fastener Market
Source: Foresight Industry Institute finishing
From the automotive industry, demand for automotive fasteners accounts for about 23% of the total fastener industry sales, the industry accounted for the highest. In the automotive industry, automotive-specific fasteners Allen Bolt Allen Bolt Socket head cap screw DIN912 can be applied to almost every subsystem.
Although the automobile market slowed down, the competition in the market remained fierce. Coupled with the ever-increasing demand for the quality of fasteners, such as light weight, environmental protection and long life, the automobile fastener business will continue to be upgraded and rebuilt . Visible, car fastener market space is huge.
Prospective analysis predicts that by 2022 China's automobile production will be around 41,120,000. According to statistics, a light car or passenger car fasteners about 580 kinds of specifications, 50kg, 5000 or so; and a medium or heavy truck about 5710 fasteners, quality 90kg, 70kg per car Calculated, 2023 auto fastener market will exceed 2.85 million tons. If you take into account the needs of vehicle maintenance, etc., there will be a greater demand.

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